Pondless Waterfall and Stream

Happy to say we have completed another amazing project.

Check Out the video on youtube. More to come!

Have a look at Gerry and Penny’s new pondless stream and water fall. The client requested a main fall facing the house and a smaller stream off toward the road. What an amazing view for anyone who comes to visit. Living on a main roadway, it also greatly helps cut the noise.

What the client had, prior to our install, The bushes did not give the look they wanted.

After a consultation visit, plans were drawn up, and the project began.

Brush removed and new soil brought in to build up the future location.
Pond vault installed for underground water storage and stream beginning.
Lower portion test filled, checking for leaks and low edges.
Finished water feature.

Add an amazing water feature to your yard. Contact us for more information.

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