Serenity Waterfall and Stream

2′ high Cascading Waterfall, Meandering Along a 5′ Stream

Only $4,495.00


Tranquility Waterfall and stream

2′ High Waterfall and 16′ Long Meandering Stream

$11,995 + tax

Upgrade to a 25′ stream for only $5,000 more!



Design * Installation * Energy Efficient Pump * LED Color Changing Lighting * Aquablox Water Storage * Automated Dosing System * Granite River Stone and Boulders * Stream Liner

New for 2020 Now included:

Wireless Control from your phone for: Lighting automation, color selection & Pump timer with monitoring and Alerts.

“Alexa, Turn on the fountain.” “Alexa Start Party mode.”

How it works

Pondless Waterfall and Streams

Very similar to the fountains, however the waterfall requires a bit more detail work, and with the proper panting and look as if a stream of fall has always been in your yard.

How the Process Works

Step 1 – First Contact

Reach out to us, either over Phone, E-mail, Facebook or text message. Let us know what you are thinking.

Step 2 – Information

For us to accurately give you the best service possible we need a few things, 1. A few photo’s of the yard/area you are considering the install. 2. What sort of timeline you are on 3. Your budget, No budget is to big or to small, but we would hate to describe a feature that is not within your budget, getting you excited only to let you down. Having this helps us give you exactly what you want within your budget.

Step 3 – Consultation

Once we have everything needed, a consultation can be booked. Of course a $300 consultation fee is required, but is applied as a credit to the future job.

Step 4 – The Meeting

After steps 1-3 are completed and we’ve arranged a date and time. One or more of us will show up at your home to discuss the project. We ask that you have all home owners at the meeting, including the children if possible. This allows us to explain to everyone and answer everyone’s questions quickly. and avoids confusion.

Step 5 – Quote

Next we draw up a quote and send it to you for approval, a required 50% deposit is due before a work date can be booked. Final payment due upon completion.

Step 6 – Install

Our team shows up on the booked date (pending weather) and installs the feature.

Step 7 – Party

Now all you do is enjoy!

Things of Note

Once the contract is signed and deposit has been collected. any future changes or add-ons will need to be discussed and a modification quote created. We understand completely once things get started you may get excited and decide to add additional lighting, add in a fountain. Or any other modifications along the way. This is great and Frozen Water Aquascapes is happy to take care of you. To ensure everyone is happy we need to ensure it’s written and explained.