Fully Installed Water Fountains:

Your Choice, only $4,495.00 each, + Tax 

Water Fountain features generally take up a 4’x4′ space, are low maintenance and can usually be installed in a day. 

All Decorative Water Features include:

Reservoir * Fountain * Energy Efficient Pump * Color Changing Lights *  Mixed or Black Stone * Feature Boulders * Design and Installation

New for 2020 Now included:

Wireless Control from your phone for: Lighting automation, color selection & Pump timer with monitoring and Alerts.

Contact us today to book your install, no pre-site visit is generally required, photos of the location will be required before any booking, Please note, power needs to be located within 5 feet of install location and this needs to be handled by the home owner after the installation.

How It Works

Water Fountains

Fountain feature is installed on top of a 45 gallon basin, designed for our Canadian winters and able to hold a tremendous amount of weight. All of the water is recycled and all hardware is completely hidden. All you do is top off the water and add beneficial bacteria.

Add-ons and Custimization


Our standard installs are very popular, but at times a client wants something bigger. We can combine any fountain features to any scale, making a truly unique one of a kind custom creation. Contact us for custom feature options.

Auto Dosing system:

While our fountains are very low maintenance, only requiring topping off water due to evaporation and adding bacteria weekly to ensure it stays looking beautiful. Some clients want to save the hassle. Introducing our Auto Dosing System. It adds the required amount of bacteria as needed all season. One bag generally lasting the full season. Making your fountain maintenance free.

Add the Auto Dosing System at install for only $495, includes 1 year of bacteria.